Digital Customer Acquisition & Retention

We strengthen your legs to move forward!

Acquisitions and Retentions are the two legs that make your business move forward, yet it can cripple you if you don't get the formula right. The digital market maze is getting wider and deeper day by day and acquiring and retaining your customers are turning to be an uphill task.

Digicliff can help you attract customers and build a connected brand with integrated campaigns.


The 5 C's

You need to have a solution that falls back on a strategy that is Clearly laid out, Commenced timely, Compared periodically and Corrected duly. Beyond these four C's, there is one more 'C" that can drastically alter your course of action, i.e. "CHANGE". Consumer preferences and technology are ever changing and to acquire and retain your consumers you need to accommodate ' Change' as well.


Our 'SMART' solution

This could move beyond your well-laid website, paid ads, SEO & SEM and presence in social media. We have the solution and as a matter of fact a SMART solution that can be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. The strategy has worked for many leading business entities across verticals to acquire and retain customers successfully.


Multi-channel approach

We listen to you, clearly understand your position in the market and then our experts create compelling content and campaigns. Our next step is the multi-channel approach; we tie the knots of the various customer hanging points and connect them seamlessly in order to convey your brand message uniformly across all channels. This requires a thorough knowledge on your consumer behavior and preferences and also the technology that can work. Now begins our identification and implementation of various digital marketing tactics that can be used to acquire your customers, engage them convincingly and retain them successfully.

The tactics are designed based on the findings we uncovered in evaluating your existing customers, how and where they reside and hang out, how often they use search engines, when they are active on social media, why they change brands etc. Then we measure periodically to assess the success rate. For instance we check the percentage of your website visits compared to a given period last year using Google Analytics.

We go this far since we have the experience, expertise and the ability to scale need basis and more importantly the passion to see you grow.