Digital Marketing Intelligence

Digital marketing insights that enable you make informed and timely decisions

As the digital environment is rapidly and constantly changing, businesses need to identify and explore new ways of online marketing to spot and reach their audiences. Such opportunistic transformation needs decisions that are taken confidently, smartly and most importantly timely. As there is no dearth in data as digital world is inundated with it, structured information, which is nothing but the 'processed data' giving deeper and wider insights across various digital touch points, is the key that can enable digital marketers make informed decisions and stay ahead of competitions.

Right technology & analytical techniques hold the key

However, the quality of information is determined by the sophistication of the technology and methods that are deployed to unearth critical marketing insights. Unless this technology and techniques offer exclusive digital analytical capabilities, multi-channel integration abilities, ample flexibility and rapid scalability, marketing intelligence can remain elusive.

Your answer to digital intelligence quest

Digicliff’s marketing intelligence services can be the answer to your quest in deploying advanced, best-in-class digital intelligence solutions. Right from the inception, we are committed to drive innovation in the digital marketing intelligence space. We have proven methodology, well-qualified and certified professionals and the willingness to tailor our services to specific needs of our clients. Besides, our years of expertise, enabling several businesses to unearth critical digital marketing insights, ensures that we lead the pack in this field.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to tie together different paths of digital touch points, mine and map relevant data across those channels / relevant resources, and then form insights based on a 360 degree approach. We understand that digital analytics is vital not only for tracking website traffic but also for monitoring and tracking other digital channels such as earned and paid media. Our customers receive this information within actionable time frame so that they can immediately change or improve their messages and campaigns. Our holistic approach ensures that we cover the entire breadth of channels ( owned, paid and earned ) as well as devices ( computers, mobiles and other digital devices ) so that we never miss an opportunity to know where your customers are , what exactly they do and how often they go digital.

Our services include Marketing Analytics, Opportunity Assessment and Competitive Intelligence.