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Theory behind Google’s New Logo

“You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve” – Marc Benioff
Change is constant and one has to be ready to imbibe change. Google stands an example for this by willing to constantly evolve and attain perfection at every stage.

Google has been delivering the best of the products by constantly upgrading and bringing changes to the look and experience of Google & its products as a whole. This doesn’t stop them from trying new things over the past 17 years.

Every time you adopt a change , there ought to be a reason and this time also Google have a reason in changing its logo. This comes right after a process of restructuring the company, an updated image. The google logo still remains to be a word mark but a different font has been used. The word mark is using a sans-serif typeface giving it a modern and playful look. The colors are softer than before and the logo bears a resemblance with its new parent company, Alphabet.
Google began its journey by being the ultimate destination reached through one’s own personal computer. Google has become part of everyone’s life as you are dependent on it for various reasons across platforms and devices. Google becomes your rescuer everywhere, anywhere and at anytime. Google can be accessed through any of the mediums available today either through your mobile phone, desktop, watch or TV. Making the logo look good on small screens seems to have been a major consideration.

The change in the logo has been because Google works wonders for you even on the tiniest screens of your mobile phones. The new, simpler lettering is supposed to scale better to smaller sizes and provides an ease to read. It is easier for Google to display on lower band width connections. Initially the logo and branding were built exclusively for a single desktop browser view but later on we developed it for other devices and other inputs like tapping, typing and talking.

The new icon is with a four color “G” that matches the logo and this means an adieu to little blue “g” icon. New elements like a colorful Google mic helps you identify and interact with Google. Google has always lived to be simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly and has become the means to the future. The new design will appear across all the Google products and services.

Let us hope that this change in the logo serves the purpose of being specifically designed for the mobile user with the tiniest screens.

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