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Off-page Optimization Techniques post Google Panda update

Google Panda

Post Panda update from Google, SEO folks are quickly aware that Older SEO tactics for link building is not only less effective but also harmful. It is always important to get updated with your strategies and that is what we precisely do at Digicliff.

Successful Back Link Strategy involves strategic mix of Back Links from Various Sources which are relevant for your category. There was a time when getting paid footer links, exact match anchors and some blog commenting would get you good ranking in Search Engines. But that era is gone, post panda many sites which were enjoying good rankings have suffered due to poor linking strategies.

Modern Link Building requires less exact match anchor tags, traffic and links from Social Engine and focus more on quality than quantity overall. Post Panda your site might lose visibility in Search Engines if you still follow:

  • Overusing Exact match anchors
  • Links from a single source

You can tackle the situation by properly employing the following strategies:

  • Vary your Anchor Texts
  • Diversify the Link Building Strategies
  • Go Social – that’s the key

One simple example for Diversification of Anchor text can be – Consider I am working on a Shopping Portal targeting to sell Digital Camera’s Online, my Linking Strategy would include generating Back Links for these Keyword Varieties: 20% of my links targeting – Digital Camera 20% of my links targeting – Digital Cameras 20% of my links targeting – Digital Camera + Camera Brand 20% of my links targeting – Digital Camera + My Brand 10% of my links targeting – my home page 10% random targeting Keep your strategy simple and effective!!!!

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