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5 Interesting Keyword Research Tips for Starters

Keyword Research

Keyword research
Keyword research is the process of determining what keywords can drive quality visitors to the website.

1. Google Adwords

The Adwords search tool will give you multiple keyword options. You can also see the competition range and which is easy to use.
2. Google insights
This tool offers a comprehensive set of statistics based on search volume and patterns. You can compare seasonal trends, geographic distributions, and category-specific searches, and you can group all these variables together to get extremely specific. In addition, Google allows you to see “rising searches” overall or in a specific filter that you have set up.
3.Google Trends

This tool explore advanced features with Google Insights for Search. Google Trends provides valuable information about keywords, for example when they have been searched by users, from which location and in what language.
4. Competitor Website Analysis:
Analyze the key competitor websites for the keywords targeted. Use similar keyword variations for your website. Select keywords which has high search volumes with less competition.
5. Paid Keyword Tools:
Enough keyword analyzing tools are available in the market which gives data in-terms of search volumes, competition etc., There are tools which throw insights on keywords which drive traffic to the competitor websites.

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