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Website – The Face of your company Online. Keep it more Engaging

Website Engagement

Website is clearly the face of your company online. More the engaging elements in the website, higher retention of your customers. Even Google loves websites that engages the customers.

However question in every web owners mind is “how shall I make my site more engaging??”. Here are few tips to get more engaging website:

1.Speed It Up:

If it did nothing for a few seconds, when someone lands into your web page, it is the first failure to engage your user.  About 50% of the web users will hit the BACK button if your site has not loaded in two seconds. It jumps to 80% if it took 4 secs. However, it is very simple by removing images from your background and using only color. Try eliminating rich media ads that are loaded from other websites.

2.Make it easy to navigate:

When it comes to navigation, do not make your user to search for menu/links. Put the main navigation either across the top or left side, which is more convenient for your users. Use normal words that are easily understood by your target visitors. Use colors that contrast enough so that your text can be read without straining the eyes. Put your content near the top of the page, above the first scroll. Let your visitors know immediately that they have come to the right place

3.Format your content for easy viewing:

Long paras of text simply do not work well on the web. Use images, break your text into short paragraphs to keep the reader interested, and engaged. Break medium and longer paras into smaller pieces separated by sub-headings. Do not place ads in the main body of the text. Remove all obstacles that interfere with the ability to read your content.

4.Use images to convey the messages:

If you have a complex message to convey, try to use a diagram, info-graphic, or intelligent images to tell the story for you.  Web users may not take much time to read your para but they will spend some time on viewing your images.

5.Respond to Analytic:

Once you have put all these social tools into place, you need to monitor and respond to the activity on your site. See what users are searching for most and focus on that topic. This ongoing process should be maintained and monitored weekly.

All these tools are focused on ways to give visitors what they want, what you want out of them: engagement.


I hope that this has given you some good ideas on how to make your own site or service more engaging.

Obviously some of these points would be harder to implement on some sites than others, but there is sure to one or two points would work for you.

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