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Geo Targeting with Content Localization

We all know that there is a significant spike in mobile traffic over the past few years. As more and more customers are turning to mobile, Geo marketing is becoming the key for success for marketers. Even the bigger brands are turning towards Geo Marketing.

Target Mobile users with relevant localized information, Content Localization play a vital role in User Engagement through Geo Targeting.

For example if you have a client who has multiple branches across the country, based on the Geo Targeted change the contact details which is relevant to the selected Geography.

One more example could be if you have a nationwide client with hyper local stores, specific coupon codes / offers can be provided for users with the brands Mobile App when the user pass through the store.

According to a recent study, Geo Targeted ads with localized content increases the performance of the campaigns by 50%. We have seen campaign performance increasing by breaking the country wide campaigns to regional specific campaigns. User Engagement is high when you have personalized local content / offers for users from the particular location. Thus the order for the day is Geo Targeting with Localized content.

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