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Era of Predictive Analytics is over

Data Analytics

As per the industry experts data is going to rule the internet space, no wonder why internet giants like Google, Microsoft & Facebook are running behind user data including profiling and behavior.

Predictive Analytics:

Last few years we have heard a lot about predictive analytics thanks to the Growth of Big Data Analytics. Predictive Analytics uses data and predict /assume on “What may happen?”. Predictive Analytics would give a wide range of idea on what may happen in the future based on the data derived in the past.

Perspective Analytics:

Industry experts feel that perspective analytics is the order of the hour and it is going to rule the market in 2016. Predictive Analytics caters to What may happen?, Where as Perspective Analytics focuses on “What Should i do?”.

Perspective Analytics is thus a combination of Predictive Model and Data optimization of User Behavior. The output of Perspective analytics will not only say “What may happen?” but also will convey “what i should do?”.

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