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Digital Acquisition Strategy

Everyone has already joined or joining the Digital Bandwagon. From a small boutique to large multinational company, a social volunteer to big government bodies, individuals to groups, everyone is out there, trying their best to get the attention of their targeted audience. As devices & technologies getting smarter day by day, reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time, on a right forum is turning out to be a staggering affair.

Take the case of the educational institutes- It is no secret that digitalization has completely altered the way institutes run and impart knowledge. From application, enrollment to learning, everything is not the same as it was a decade back. Mobile, social media, user friendly websites and relevant sharp content including videos play a major role in establishing the brand of an institute. The strategy can never be the same.

Neither for the others. Most of the businesses have realized it and have been giving their best shot when it comes to Digital Marketing for Customer Acquisition. However, strategizing plans and goals to rule the minds and markets in the ever changing landscape of Digital is easier said than done.

By the virtue of our varied experience in enabling brands get a foothold in the land of digital, we are empowered to identify key areas that can influence your Digital Acquisition Strategy. Here is what we have learnt:

    • Know your Customer: It might look obvious; yet, when you read those surveys that indicate how many businesses do not have a proper strategy to know their customers, there is little to imagine. How you define your audience is the fundamental of any good digital acquisition strategy.  For this, you need to thoroughly understand your customer’s needs, preferences, behavior and characteristics. A little research in understanding where they go, what they prefer and why they buy can help you long way.


    • Identify the right channels: Not necessarily you have to be there everywhere. Once you have defined your customer profile, the next logic step is to identify where they are likely to frequent. Build your marketing strategy in such a way that these channels are maximum targeted.


    • Keep your content candid, crisp, creative and compelling: Content is the king and will be in the future.  Be little creative and candid, keep it crisp and straightforward and never leave it incomplete. Remember, customers are impatient and change channels and choices in a jiffy. To grab their attention, you messages need to be impressive and compelling.


    • Avoid a single common strategy for all: Different channels need slightly different messages. Hence avoid using a single common strategy for all the channels that you are targeting.


Analyze : As you are aware that all these digital marketing exercises leave you with reams of digital data which has valuable business insights deeply hidden in it. Without analyzing this data, you will not be able to find answers for questions such as” Which campaigns did well? Which channel was effective” How many new customers added”etc.Connect the data to an Analytic engine, find answers and change the course of your acquisitions strategy in right time.

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